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The Art of Who (Part 3) : Andrew Skilleter

Andrew Skilleter became ´the´ Who artist of the 1980s and early 90´s, illustrating over 50 Target book covers, twenty-four video covers (including the limited edition collector’s Tardis and Dalek Tins), and becoming widely known to Who fandom through his Doctor Who Monthy special edition posters and independently produced high quality print portfolios.

His work included the iconic 'The Five Doctors' Radio Times cover (above), one of only two artists to illustrate Who RT covers (Frank Bellamy being the other).

In the 1980s he founded Who Dares Publishing. In addition to producing Who calendars (between 1986 and 1989) and other merchandise, he published a number of book titles for the UK and USA, including the classic 'Cybermen' by David Banks and ´The Radio Times Doctor Who Art of Frank Bellamy´.

Andrew´s work has just got better and better over the years, and his mastery of airbrush techniques gives it a unique feel and atmosphere.

´Blacklight : The Art of Andrew Skilleter´, a large format, colour hardback written by the artist was published by Virgin in 1995, showcasing his Who and other work.

You can find Andrew´s personal site here, including an excellect sample gallary, and you can see an example of one of his most recent limited edition portfolio´s here. The best online collection of his work can be found here.

List of Target cover illustrations

Destiny of the Daleks (1979)
The Dæmons (1980 reprint)
Invasion of Time (1980)
The Stones of Blood (1980)
The Androids of Tara (1980)
The Power of Kroll (1980)
The Nightmare of Eden (1980)
An Unearthly Child (1981)
The Cybermen (1981, reprint)
State of Decay (1982)
Warriors' Gate (1982)
The Keeper of Traken (1982)
The Leisure Hive (1982)
Full Circle (1982)
Logopolis (1982)
The Sunmakers (1982)
The Crusaders (1982, reprint)
The Auton Invaison (1982, reprint)
Day of the Daleks (1982, reprint)
Pyramids of Mars (1982, reprint)
Planet of Evil (1982, reprint)
Meglos (1983)
The Five Doctors (1983)

more to come soon...

List of Virgin new Adverntures cover illustrations to follow

Timewyrm: Genesis
Timewyrm: Exodus
Timewyrm: Apocalypse
Timewyrm: Revelation

List of BBC Video cover illustrations to follow

List of other book cover illustrations

The Adventures of K9 and other mechanical creatures (1979)
Doctor Who: The TARDIS Inside Out (1985) - cover and internal illustrations
Doctor Who: Cybermen (1988) - cover and selected illustrations
The Gallifrey Chronicles (1991) - cover
Doctor Who: The Monsters (1992) - cover

List of Doctor Who Magazine special poster issues (and covers)

No 85 - February 1984 - pullout poster - The Master
No 87 - April 1984 - pullout poster - Five Doctors - Cybermen on Gallifrey (above)
No 107 - December 1985 - cover illustration of Tom Baker and inside interview
No 175 - 10 July 1991 - cover illustration (Timewyrm: Genesis)

Summer Special 1995 (inside covers, back and front, reproduce Andrew Skilleter's artwork used on the spines of the BBC Video release of the Key to Time series)

(and probably few more to add to this?)

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