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A few posts back we looked at missing episode reconstructions and the use of 'telesnaps', together with surviving audio soundtracks, to rebuild lost episodes.

Audio soundtracks exist for all the missing stories, which have now also all been released on CD with supporting narration.

Telesnaps exist for the majority, but not all, missing episodes. No original telesnaps are known to exist for the first Doctor stories The Reign of Terror, Galaxy 4, The Myth Makers, Dalek Masterplan, The Massacre, or for the later second Doctor stories The Invasion and the The Space Pirates.

Some stories are incomplete - no telesnaps are known to exist for the fourth episode of Marco Polo, The Wall of Lies, although records indicate that they were taken. Telesnaps aren’t known to exist for the fourth episode of The Enemy of the World.

Many telesnaps were published in Doctor Who Magazine (DWM), and their Classic Comics (DWCC) spin off magazine, and also appear on the Beeb's classic series website in the photonovel format (here).

First Doctor

Marco Polo - DWM 342 – 347 (missing Episode 4)
The Reign of Terror - no telesnaps surivive
The Crusade - DWM 280 and BBC Website
Galaxy 4 - no telesnaps surivive
Mission to the Unknown - no telesnaps surivive
The Myth Makers - no telesnaps surivive
The Daleks' Master Plan - no telesnaps surivive (remade for Episode 2, on BBC Website)
The Massacre - no telesnaps surivive
The Celestial Toymaker - no telesnaps surivive for episodes 1-3
The Savages - BBC Website
The Smugglers - DWM 217 and BBC Website
The Tenth Planet - DWM 207

Second Doctor

The Power of the Daleks - BBC Website
The Highlanders - DWM 233 – 236 and BBC Website
The Underwater Menace - DWM 220 – 223 and BBC Website
The Moonbase - BBC Website
The Macra Terror - DWM 251 – 254 and BBC Website
The Faceless Ones - DWM 260 – 264, 266 and BBC Website
The Evil of the Daleks - DWM 237 – 243 and BBC Website
The Abominable Snowman - DWM 224 – 229 and BBC Website
The Ice Warriors - DWCC 24 – 26, DWM 217 – 219 and BBC Website
The Enemy of the World - DWM 273 – 277 and BBC Website (missing Episode 4)
The Web of Fear - DWCC 18 – 20, DWM 211 – 213 and BBC Website
Fury from the Deep - DWCC 15 – 17, DWM 208 – 210 and BBC Website
The Wheel in Space - DWCC 21 – 23, DWM 214 – 216 and BBC Website
The Invasion - no telesnaps surivive
The Space Pirates - no telesnaps surivive

There's an excellent detailed article on Who telesnaps here.

Power behind the scenes

I'm having a good rummage through the Beeb's classic series site, linking stuff which I often forget is actually there myself. Although I'm sure the Beeb don't have the money to do anything with this site at the moment, my worry is that it may get redeveloped at some point, and we may loose elements of the site which are unique at the moment. So lets keep hitting those pages and letting them know we want them! I'm on a mission to download all the images relating to missing stories - for my own personal use of course. The Beeb site states image downloads are for use as desktops only... but I hope they don't mind me posting the odd image here as a taster to get you to visit the main site.

Anyway, there's a really cool set of colour behind the scenes photo's from Troughton's first story, Power of the Daleks. Visit the Beeb's classic series website here to view gallery one, and here for gallery two, which includes most of the colour images.

Note the sieve arm attachment.

I linked to the gallery for Evil of the Daleks in my previous post on Victoria, and we also did the Ice Warrior gallery a while back (and don't forget also the mini 'Invasion' gallery, which strangely isn't linked through the menus).

For the main gallery index page click here.

Yet more on Missing Episodes

All this talk of missing episodes, and I haven't given you a list yet! This is adapted from wikipedia.

Currently, there are 108 episodes unaccounted for from 27 stories, including 11 full stories with no surviving episodes. Almost all of these missing stories have clips of various lengths surviving from different sources, while three (Marco Polo, Mission to the Unknown, and The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve) have no surviving footage whatsoever.

First Doctor

Marco Polo All 7 episodes
The Reign of Terror Episodes 4-5 (of 6 total)
The Crusade Episodes 2, 4 (of 4 total)
Galaxy 4 All 4 episodes
Mission to the Unknown Entire episode
The Myth Makers All 4 episodes
The Daleks' Master Plan Episodes 1, 3-4, 6-9, 11-12 (of 12 total)
The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve All 4 episodes
The Celestial Toymaker Episodes 1-3 (of 4 total)
The Savages All 4 episodes
The Smugglers All 4 episodes
The Tenth Planet Episode 4 (of 4 total)

[First Doctor 12 serials, 45 episodes]

Second Doctor

The Power of the Daleks All 6 episodes
The Highlanders All 4 episodes
The Underwater Menace Episodes 1-2, 4 (of 4 total)
The Moonbase Episodes 1, 3 (of 4 total)
The Macra Terror All 4 episodes
The Faceless Ones Episodes 2, 4-6 (of 6 total)
The Evil of the Daleks Episodes 1, 3-7 (of 7 total)
The Abominable Snowmen Episodes 1, 3-6 (of 6 total)
The Ice Warriors Episodes 2-3 (of 6 total)
The Enemy of the World Episodes 1-2, 4-6 (of 6 total)
The Web of Fear Episodes 2-6 (of 6 total)
Fury from the Deep All 6 episodes
The Wheel in Space Episodes 1-2, 4-5 (of 6 total)
The Invasion Episodes 1, 4 (of 8 total)
The Space Pirates Episodes 1, 3-6 (of 6 total)

[Second Doctor 15 serials, 63 episodes]

Troughton Screensavers

Hidden amongst the photonovel recons for the missing episode stories on the Beeb's classic series website, there are downloadable screensavers for several Troughton stories - apparently the whole tale told in around forty telesnaps.

Visit the main photonovel menu here, and click through to the story you want. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see the link through to the screensaver.

The Power of the Daleks
The Moonbase (Cybermen)
The Macra Terror
Abominable Snowman
Fury from the Deep

The screensaver is only available for PCs, running Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME and NT.

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Sugar Smacks

Here's a Who promotion from 1971. Kellogg's 'Sugar Smacks' (sound nice and healthy hey) promoting third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, and the UNIT crew and "The timeless energy of Dr. Who" (which presumably comes from all the sugar). Free inside each pack of Sugar Smacks was one of six metal badges: the Third Doctor, The Master, Bessie, Joe Grant, the Brigadier & Unit Symbol.

The badges still pop up on ebay for reasonable prices, and the ceral box itself is highly sought after, although extremely rare. The image above shows the back, side and front of the box. The artwork is, what shall we say, dissapointing.

Pertwee was apparently very self-concious of the size of his nose, and you can imagine he must have been particularly happy with the artists rendition of him in the advert accompanying the promotion...

And the badge artwork is just as poor...

I'm missing a good pic of the Doctor and Unit logo badges.

Who's that girl?

A few posts back we had a lovely shot of Deborah Watling, who played Victoria, having a cup of tea during the filming of the Abominable Snowman. Now whilst I can't promise that it was nice cup of tea, it was definately a nice photo, so time for some more.

Deborah Watling portrayed Victoria Waterfield from the beginning of The Evil of the Daleks (1967) through the end of Fury From the Deep (1968), and until the Tomb of the Cybermen was rediscovered, there was not one full story of hers surviving, such was the extent of the BBC's 'you will be deleted' policy.

Time also to credit an excellent Who photo archive, ShillPages, here.

This last picture is robbed from the Evil of the Daleks photogallery on the Beebs classic series website, here.

Before she landed her Who role, she starred in Alice, Dennis Potter's version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, for the BBC's The Wednesday Play in 1965, which earned her a Radio Times cover.

Deborah's official website is here.

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Who Killed Kennedy

Originally published by Virgin Publishing Ltd in 1996, Who Killed Kennedy has long been out-of-print and consequently has become much sought-after by Doctor Who book collectors. You can download it from the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club (NZDWFC), who have permission from the author to make it available online, here.

Missing Target Novelisations

The five original classic Who TV stories not novelised as part of the Target range, The Pirate Planet, City of Death, Shada, Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks, are available online as fan-made novelisations, in the Target style. You can download the ebooks from the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club (NZDWFC) website here.

The Invasion!

Having just mentioned the Invasion reconstructions, an excuse to show the covers and talk through this classic second doctor story in more detail...

Even though 'The Invasion' is an incomplete story, with episodes 1 and 4 missing. It is, to date, the only incomplete story to be released in audio CD, video and DVD format (I think!). The story was sold abroad, so the optimistic Who fan can hope that perhaps one day these missing episodes will be recovered from a foriegn TV station clearing out their archives... perhaps.

The Who Script project introduces this story as follows:

The Invasion was to have been a sequel to a story in the previous season, The Web of Fear, and it was also intended to feature the return of two characters from that story, Professor Travers and his daughter Anne. As these actors were unavailable this lead to the substitution of two similar characters, Professor Watkins and his niece, Isobel. Further changes resulted in replacing the Yeti used in "Web" with the Cybermen, and expanding the story to eight episodes. Invasion was the fourth occasion Patrick Troughton's Doctor encountered the Cybermen, more than any other adversary. (Get the story scripts here.)

According to the Who wiki site, the story had a working title of "Return of the Cybermen" and was originally conceived as a four part story - it got expanded to eight when the next story, "The Dreamspinner", fell through (see here).

The audio CD of the original soundtrack was released with linking narration by Frazer Hines.

The video release used linking narration by Nicholas Courtney (again text of which is available on the script project link above). Cover artwork was by Alistair Pearson.

The DVD uses animated versions of the missing episodes 1 and 4 that were made by Cosgrove Hall, which had previously made The Scream of the Shalka. It also contains the linking narration of Nicholas Courtney from the video release.

This last image has been robbed from the Invasion gallery on the Beebs classic series website, here. Strangely, the only way I could get to this page was through google, as I can't find it linked through the site menus.

The Beeb's classic series website doesn't have a 'photonovel' version of this story, which is a shame. But they do have the usual episode guide page with short video clips and the odd 'original paperwork' section which I think is the shooting script (here).

You can read about the reconstruction here.

Missing Episode Reconstructions

Audio sountracks exist for all the missing episodes, which has allowed the BBC to release the audio soundtracks on CD, with supporting narration. The odd surviving episodes from these stories, known as 'orphaned' episodes, were released on video in the Hartnell Years, Troughton Years, Daleks - The Early Years, and Cybermen - The Early Years compilations, and on DVD as the 'Lost in Time' compilation, both of which included many of the surviving clips from lost episodes.

In addition there also exist still photographs taken off-screen by photographer John Cura. Cura was hired by the BBC, and independently by many actors and production staff, to document the transmission of many of their most popular programmes from the 1940s to the 1960s, including Doctor Who. These 'tele-snaps' were generally used to promote BBC programmes and for actors, directors, and other production crew members to keep a visual record of their own work in the days before home video recorders. In many cases, they form the only visual record remaining of several Doctor Who serials and other missing episodes of many programmes.

You can view the telesnaps online in a 'photonovel' format for most missing episode stories on the Beebs classic series website here. Notable exceptions include Marco Polo, the Daleks Masterplan and The Invasion.

Since the late 1990s, reconstructions of the missing serials have been made by fan groups such as Loose Cannon Productions (visit their website here), who distribute them free. These "recons" are based on the directors' original camera scripts, and use a combination of the surviving soundtracks, surviving footage, photographs, still images (especially Cura's tele-snaps) and specially-recreated material. Although technically infringing copyright, these recons have been tolerated by the BBC, provided they are not sold for profit and are only distributed in degradable, non-digital formats such as VHS.

Officially released high-quality reconstructions using the same methods were made for the BBC Video releases of The Ice Warriors (a 12-minute 'highlights' reconstruction bridging the missing Episodes 2 and 3) and The Tenth Planet (a full reconstruction of the missing Episode 4).

Abridged VHS releases, with the surviving episodes and linking material recorded by actors (The Reign of Terror, The Crusade, and The Invasion) or with audio CD recordings of the missing episodes (The Crusade and The Ice Warriors) were also released, and subsequent DVD releases should see improved formats.

In 2005, BBC Audio released a reconstruction in an "MP3 CD" format. Under the 'Doctor Who: Reconstructed' banner, the CD included the same audio portions as the previous audio CD release, but on a single disc with Macromedia Flash-animated and synchronised slideshow of tele-snaps and other (publicity) photographs. (The surviving clips could not be included.) The Power of the Daleks was the first and last such reconstruction to be released: a mooted release in this form of the following story, The Highlanders, did not go ahead, due to poor sales of the initial release.

In 2006, The Invasion, an eight-episode Second Doctor serial of which six episodes survive in the archives, was released on DVD with the missing Episodes 1 and 4 animated by Cosgrove Hall, matched up with a newly-remastered soundtrack.

The DVD box set Doctor Who: The Beginning consisted of the first three serials and a 30-minute reconstruction of Marco Polo, of which no footage exists.

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More on Missing Episodes

I love reading all the stories about the missing episodes, tales a surviving episodes stolen from Blue Peter or stored by selfish film collectors (or even despot dictators). Can we hope that more episodes are found? Of course we can.

Anyway, the best introduction to the whole missing episode history is probably wikipeadia, which also links to some good websites.

If you want a more indepth look, try the Doctor Who Gateway site here. It's an old website, and many of the links are to sites which unfortuantely are no longer available (just shows you can't count on sites being around for ever).

Some useful links still active include research on the BBC Who Archive, here, which reprints online text from three articles from Doctor Who Monthly magazine.

Another good site is the Doctor Who Clips Page (here) which lists all the surviving clips from episodes which are missing.

This article is probably the best analysis (or myth-buster) on the whole 'suriving' missing episodes.

Restoration Team

Following on from the colourisation of black and white images and clips, which we looked at here, there's the Doctor Who Restoration Team's project to restore colour to three Pertwee stories which only survived in the Beeb's archive as black and white episodes - The Daemons, Terror of the Autons and The Silurians. These were colourised using home recordings of the colour shows, which had been made in the States, before the colour masters were junked.

Read about it here. It's one of those annoying websites where you can only link to the main index page, so you'll have to select 'VHS Releases' and 'Colour Restoration' from the menus. There's a wealth of info on the restoration work undertaken for video and DVD releases, and it's a shame I can't link you directly them, but browse for interesting bits on the restoration of the Ice Warriors and the Invasion amongst others. [I've found a link direct to the info here, although you'll need the other link if you want to browse their site.]

Two episodes of the The Ambassadors of Death were colourised before problems with the colour recordings haulted the project. Perhaps technological advances will solve this problem.

Colour recordings are missing for `The Mind of Evil', `Planet of the Daleks' episode 3 and `Invasion of the Dinosaurs' episode 1, meaning that frame by frame colourisation is required. The video releases used the surviving black and white episodes.

On Location - Yeti!

More photo's raided from the Beeb's website for the Classic series, this time behind the scenes location photos from the making of the Abominable Snowman...

You can download higher resolution images on the website here.

New Series Scripts

And to keep you New Series fans happy, here are scripts from... the New Series! (Seasons 1-4, including xmas secials). And also Series 4 and the Specials here

More Ice Warriors!

Can't resist the excuse to post some more photos from this story, this time from behind the scenes, showing Bernard Bresslaw getting dressed up for his Ice Warrior role. Images from the Beeb classic who website (here).

Bernard Bresslaw (Varga) found fame in the Carry On movies, where he often played the nice but dim friend of Sid James. Prior to his Ice Warrior role he had starred alongside William Hartnell in the television series The Army Game (1957-1958).

Missing Episode Script Project

Talking of scripts, and missing episodes, here's the link to the Doctor Who Missing Episodes Script Project... which does more or less what it says on the tin.

So if your looking for a script to read through whilst listening to the audio soundtrack, this is the place. Along with scripts for all the stories which suffer 'missing' episodes, there's the script for Shada (which was published in a small booklet with the BBC Video release), and a few other oddities.

If you still want more in your attempts to re-live missing episodes, try the official Classic Series BBC website 'photonovels' page - here, where you can click through telesnaps, whilst reading your script and listening to the soundtrack. The stories come with little introductions, title sequences and downloadable screensavers. And for the Ice Warriors also a photogallery...

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Masters of Luxor

And here's the cover for the other lost first Doctor story, The Masters of Luxor, by Anthony Coburn, the writer of the first-ever Doctor Who story An Unearthly Child. It was published in September 1992 by Titan Books

Read more about it here on the Who wiki.

Other titles released in the series were:

The Tribe of Gum
The Tomb of the Cybermen
The Talons of Weng-Chiang
The Daleks
The Daemons
The Power of the Daleks
Ghost Light
Galaxy 4
The Crusade

Of particular note in this series are The Crusade, Galaxy 4 and Power of the Daleks, which are 'missing episode' stories lost from the BBC's archive (love the way we politely say 'lost' when in fact the Beeb wiped them in full knowledge of what they were doing).

Farewell Great Macedon

And here's what led me to DeviantArt in the first place, the cover artwork for the lost Hartnell script of 'Farewell Great Macedon', by Jason Fletcher. See his gallery here.

The scripbook was published in August 2009 by 'Nothing at the End of the Lane', see their website here.

The story is due for release as a Big Finish audio drama in The First Doctor Boxset, with another story, The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance. Due November 2010.

Read more about it on the who wiki.

The First Three Targets

And here's the Chris Achilleos artwork for the Target reprints.

Frederick Muller

Frederick Muller was a British publishing house. In 1964 and 1965, the company commissioned and published three novelisations based upon serials in Doctor Who: Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks, Doctor Who and the Zarbi and Doctor Who and the Crusaders.

Here's the covers.

The Dalek cover was also reprinted in grey.

In 1973, Target Books acquired the reprint rights to these three novels and used them to launch its own series of novelisations - a series that would continue to 1994.

The Mind Robber

Here's a guy with a really interesting website, The Mind Robber. Check it out.

Amongst his varied output are a couple of 'fake' covers, the first in Target Achilleos style...

And the second in the original style of the hardbacks by Frederick Muller in the mid-1960s...

Find these images here.

All Bow to Bellamy

And lets not forget the Daddy of them all, Frank Bellamy, who inspired the Who style of graphic illustration.

The image above was used for his Radio Times cover, which in turn inspired this mock up RT cover for a proposed Terry Nation Dalek project which never materialised. Illustration by Brian Williamson (from DeviantArt, here) commissioned by DW Magazine.

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Ice Warriors!

Just an excuse to show some of the artwork from published versions of The Ice Warriors. And why not.

The photomontage artwork for the audio CD release:

And the video special edition boxset:

And an offical Beeb colourised photo, from their website:

Which was obviously the same photo Achilleos used, together with Victoris screaming (used in the photomontae cover for the audio CD above) for the original Target cover, by Chris Achilleos:

Achilleos Art

And we shouldn't forget the artist who inspires most of these designs, Chris Achilleos. Here's a couple of recent designs which throwback to his early Target book covers.



And a recent(ish) working for Tomb of the Cybermen, following it's rediscovery.

Don't forget to visit Chris's site, here, where you can still buy original prints of his amazing classic Who work.

Return to the Web Planet

Here's another Anthony Dry image, from the Big Finish audio story Return to the Web Planet.

Art of Anthony Dry

I'm enjoying tying up this artists work - I knew a lot of the pictures, but not that they were all by the same guy. He's linked to Doctor Who Magazine, which I haven't bought for years, so I guess I'm the one catching up! Here's some more of his work

8th Doctor and (I'm guessing) Lucie Miller.

9th Doctor and Rose, from 'Dalek'

10th Doctor and Rose, from the Christmas Invasion.