Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Power behind the scenes

I'm having a good rummage through the Beeb's classic series site, linking stuff which I often forget is actually there myself. Although I'm sure the Beeb don't have the money to do anything with this site at the moment, my worry is that it may get redeveloped at some point, and we may loose elements of the site which are unique at the moment. So lets keep hitting those pages and letting them know we want them! I'm on a mission to download all the images relating to missing stories - for my own personal use of course. The Beeb site states image downloads are for use as desktops only... but I hope they don't mind me posting the odd image here as a taster to get you to visit the main site.

Anyway, there's a really cool set of colour behind the scenes photo's from Troughton's first story, Power of the Daleks. Visit the Beeb's classic series website here to view gallery one, and here for gallery two, which includes most of the colour images.

Note the sieve arm attachment.

I linked to the gallery for Evil of the Daleks in my previous post on Victoria, and we also did the Ice Warrior gallery a while back (and don't forget also the mini 'Invasion' gallery, which strangely isn't linked through the menus).

For the main gallery index page click here.

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