Friday, 24 September 2010

More on Missing Episodes

I love reading all the stories about the missing episodes, tales a surviving episodes stolen from Blue Peter or stored by selfish film collectors (or even despot dictators). Can we hope that more episodes are found? Of course we can.

Anyway, the best introduction to the whole missing episode history is probably wikipeadia, which also links to some good websites.

If you want a more indepth look, try the Doctor Who Gateway site here. It's an old website, and many of the links are to sites which unfortuantely are no longer available (just shows you can't count on sites being around for ever).

Some useful links still active include research on the BBC Who Archive, here, which reprints online text from three articles from Doctor Who Monthly magazine.

Another good site is the Doctor Who Clips Page (here) which lists all the surviving clips from episodes which are missing.

This article is probably the best analysis (or myth-buster) on the whole 'suriving' missing episodes.

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