Friday, 24 September 2010

Missing Episode Script Project

Talking of scripts, and missing episodes, here's the link to the Doctor Who Missing Episodes Script Project... which does more or less what it says on the tin.

So if your looking for a script to read through whilst listening to the audio soundtrack, this is the place. Along with scripts for all the stories which suffer 'missing' episodes, there's the script for Shada (which was published in a small booklet with the BBC Video release), and a few other oddities.

If you still want more in your attempts to re-live missing episodes, try the official Classic Series BBC website 'photonovels' page - here, where you can click through telesnaps, whilst reading your script and listening to the soundtrack. The stories come with little introductions, title sequences and downloadable screensavers. And for the Ice Warriors also a photogallery...

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