Monday, 20 September 2010

Katy Manning Supporters Club

Just thought I should make an emphatic statement on this one. Yes, this blog is pro-Jo. In fact we love Jo. And Katy Manning, obviously, who played Jo - and, who is about to play Jo again, for the new Sarah Jane Adventures story, Death of the Doctor, written by good ol' Russel T Davies.

Katy Manning portrayed Jo (Josephine) Grant from the beginning of Terror of the Autons (1971) through the end of The Green Death (1973).

I really wanted a photo of Katy as Jo running around in a short mini-skirt and showing some leg. But I don't have such a shot to hand, so here's one of Jo looking intelligent and sophisticated. Well, as intelligent and sophisticated as Jo gets, anyway.

Now Katy Manning made a bit of a fuss a long time back, when she posed for some photos for a men's magazine... naughty girl. However I think the fuss was more due to the unofficial use of a Dalek... (Look away now if you don't wan't to see a naked Katy hugging a Dalek... too late? shame.)

Hat's off to you Katy, to date the only Who girl, to date anyway, with the balls to 'bare all'.

Katy Manning's newly launched 'official' website is here, complete with a nice photo gallery, allthough sadly lacking her intimate dalek shots.

However you can find them online... try CosmoBells (I know it's on there somewhere, but just can't find it! If you do find it, please post the link here!)


  1. What about Katy Manning taking over the sarah Jane adventures with the sad passing of Liz Sladen?

    My kids love that show and I can't imagine them coping with the SJ adventures plus it is so popular and Katy Manning has been in it.

    It will be a bot wierd them explaining SJ not being in it. But they handled the Grandad dying in Only Fools well.

    Msybe be a bit too morbid !!

  2. Davros the Dalek6 May 2011 at 01:43

    I have tertiary syphilis.