Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Download the Cadet Dalek cards

Back here I did a post introducing the Cadet Dalek cards from the early days of Dalekmania, 1964.

You can download scans of the cards, and a nice little introduction bit, here.

You'll notice I'm posting a lot of links to Mediafire and Rapidshare file sharing downloads. They are not my sites, but ones set up by other dedicated Who fans, often unknown, who we thank for their efforts!

These sites are very popular at the moment, and there's loads of Who stuff out there to download. However, there are concerns that there will be a clampdown on copyright infringement, so grab what you can whilst you can is my advice.

Most of the downloads come in the .cbr format - 'Comic Book Reader'. If you dont use this software, you can easily get the files still just by changing the file name extension from .cbr to .rar and opening and extracting the files using Winrar.

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