Wednesday, 21 December 2011

48 years ago today...

From the Radio Times, 21 December, 1963, here's the story introduction for The Dead Planet (now known as The Daleks)...

I stopped saving the show listings from here, and just saved the clippings if they had photos, so this series gets a little eratic from here...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

And they're off...

The Sun starts the running on who's going to be the next Who Girl... whilst also making some noise about the 'mystery' axing of Amy from the series. Personally, I don't think their's anything mysterious - her character has had a fair bit of focus in the series, to say the least, and really, what more can they do to develop the character? If she didn't make the decision herself, then Moff would have made it for her sooner or later.

Anyway, enough of that and on to the interesting stuff! The trusted Sun report talks up the rather unlikely scenario of Matt Smith's ex (or is it back on again?), Daisy Lowe, taking on the role:

Matt, 29, who plays the 11th Doctor, said he was "very disappointed" to see Karen go. Matt split from Daisy, 22, last month after 18 months together.

But yesterday they were snapped hugging outside her North London home before going inside, sparking rumours of a reunion. An onlooker said: "They looked really cosy and happy to see each other."

Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown-Findlay is 4/1 favourite to replace Karen with model Lily Cole at 6/1. Strictly star Chelsee Healey is 12/1.

Ladbrokes' Jessica Bridge said: "Ratings would surely rocket if Lowe and Smith were thrown together."

Friday, 16 December 2011

Amy and Rory to leave during next series

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill - who play Doctor Who companions Amy Pond and Rory - are to leave the show during the next series. Hopefully their swan song will be free of twisted time-lines, stolen babies and regenerating daughters.

"The final days of the Ponds are coming," Moffat said. "I'm not telling you when or how, but that story is going to come to a heartbreaking end." [Sounds ominous...]

He said the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, was going to meet "a new friend". It is believed that role has not yet been cast.

On the departure of Gillan and Darvill, Matt Smith said: "We had the most incredible journey. We took over the show and we've really had to hold hands and help each other through it.

So... the most interesting thing to happen in Who for a couple of years... we get to speculate on who the next companion is going to be. Best be a nice young chick or else I might stop watching...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

48 years ago today...

From the Radio Times, 14 December, 1963. Episode four, The Firemaker...

Next week...

Monday, 12 December 2011

TWO missing Who episodes found!

Many folk thought we would never find any more of the missing Who episodes from its early history, but yesterday it was announced that TWO episodes from the original series had been 'rediscovered', an episode each for the first and second Doctors, William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton. Galaxy Four, part three (titled 'Airlock'), was first broadcast in 1965 while The Underwater Menace part two, was aired in 1967.

The official Doctor Who Twitter account tweeted a cryptic clue last night: "Christmas has come early for Doctor Who fans. Expect us to tweet some very – no REALLY exciting news in just a couple of hours' time ..."

Later, the account revealed: "Two previously missing episodes of 1960s Doctor Who returned to BBC. Galaxy Four pt 3 & The Underwater Menace pt 2. Details soon."

The episodes were purchased by film collector Terry Burnett at a village fete near Southampton in the early 1980s. He had been unaware that the canisters contained material missing from the BBC archives. Research has shown that the returned episodes originated from the ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) channel in Australia. It’s likely these prints were returned long ago to the BBC from ABC, and subsequently disposed of, but perhaps "pulled out of a skip" by an enthusiast.

Paul Vanezis, a BBC producer involved in their recovery, pointed out the problems. "Like any old film, Airlock has a bit of muck and dirt on it, which we can clean."

Somewhat trickier is "a ‘tramline’ scratch, a vertical line caused in the past by someone who didn’t maintain their projector. On a big close-up [of villainess Maaga] it can be quite distracting, but we’ll try to get rid of it."

Even more of a challenge is a film break right at the cliffhanger, where companion Steven (Peter Purves) is suffocating in the eponymous air lock. "We’re missing 27 seconds of action completely, as well as the closing credits," says Paul. "It’s a few shots and one line of dialogue from Maaga. But luckily we have the soundtrack and by using other visual material within the episode, we can re-create it."

The Underwater Menace suffers from 20 seconds of cuts made by ABC censors - a scene where a surgeon is trying to inject companion Polly with a syringe. Amazingly, those snippets surfaced separately in 1996.

The film "wobbles up and down all the way through because of worn sprockets", plus there’s a tear in the spool halfway through a crowded cave scene. It means one line is missing where companion Jamie says, "How about me, sir?".

"It’s only two seconds, but because it’s one shot with no cutaways, it’s awkward to fix. But it’ll look quite presentable when it’s finished," promises Paul.

The Beeb Who site states that details of a commercial release will be announced by 2 entertain in 2012. Paul Vanezis says, "We’ll probably do a second volume of Lost in Time" - a DVD compiling archival odds and ends.

So, despite the various high profile campaigns by the Beeb over the years to raise awareness of missing episodes (not just Who, but many other classic TV serials), a film collector in our very own country had these in his possession for what, 20 years without realising their importance.

Sadly, Terry Burnett doesn’t have any other spools secreted away, "but I’ll always keep an eagle eye open in case any do turn up..." He’s only too happy to have returned this pair. "A lot of effort went into making those programmes and it was very short-sighted of the BBC to throw them out. It’s our television heritage."

"All Doctor Who fans have dreamed of finding a missing episode and you never know how it’s going to happen," says Ralph. So does he believe any more film prints are out there? "Well, one or two other leads are being pursued at the moment. More than that I’m not saying!" (quoted from here)

The hope must be that there are more out there. I for one hoped that more episodes would surface, but believed that they would be scattered far and wide over the world (personally I get the shivers when I think of lost Who episodes potentially crumbling to dust in archives of countries such as Zimbabwe, which as Rhodesia apparently screened early Who, and who probably don't rate looking for them as very important).

We perviously had only tantelising clips from Hartnell's story, Galaxy Four, so to have a whole episode discovered is quite special.

As a big Troughton fan the only shame is that his episode comes from one of his (and perhaps the whole orginal series's) weakest stories. The episode is now the earliest surviving episode of Troughton's reign (episode 3 of this 4-parter has been around for a while).

Troughton, in only his third appearance as The Doctor, was apparently unimpressed with the production.

In a recent biography, his son Michael says he argued with the director Julia Smith - who went on to become the original producer of EastEnders - complaining bitterly about the "ridiculous costumes and make-up of the fish people".

Smith recalled: "There were awful arguments about how Patrick Troughton should play the part; how quixotic the character should be, whether he should play his flute or not."

Innes Lloyd, who produced The Underwater Menace later admitted, "it did look like something from a '50s American 'B' movie".

Even as an audio soundtrack the story struggles. Anyway, all part of the rich tapestry of Who's history. If only is was an episode from Power or Evil of the Daleks, or any of Troughton's Cybermen stories.

The find makes only a modest dent in the number of missing episodes, with 106 instalments broadcast between 1964 and 1969 still being sought.

You can watch a clip from the Troughton episode here, and read a bit about the background to their discovery here. And there's a gallery of screen clips here.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

48 years ago today....

From the Radio Times, 7 December 1963. Episode Three, The Forest of Fear. No pic this week!

[Clippings originally harvested from the Cluttings Archive, a now sadly defunct archive of Who in the popular news.]

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shada cover released

The cover from the forthcoming BBC Books official Who publication of the lost 4th Doctor story, Shada, written by Gareth Roberts, has been released. Suitably 'Douglas Adamsy'.

On sale March 15th 2012.

Source - Combom - for all your Who news.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Xmas Who Radio Times cover

The xmas tradition of Who covers continues, now three weeks before xmas. Features a short preview of the xmas episode...

Combom's got scans of the pages here...

48 years ago today...

Last weeks anniversary of the first Who episode, 48 years ago, reminded me of a little series I intended to run on this blog way back when I first set it up. On the 2009 anniversary I posted some clips from the Radio Times from that first Who episode, An Unerathly Child. Here, from the Radio Times 48 years ago today, is episode two, The Cave of Skulls.

Can you imagine watching an episode of Who these days and all you knew in advance was this! A far cry from the information overload we have in advance of episodes these days. Tune in next week for episode three...

[Clippings originally harvested from the Cluttings Archive, a now sadly defunct archive of Who in the popular news.]

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Just for old times sake

And why not. Here's another YouTube clip, this time an official BBCWorldwide clip of the TARDIS taking off at the end of that first ever episode...

Happy Birthday to Who

Nearly forgot! Who, 48 years old today. Here's a great 'title sequences through the years' compilation, just for fun, with great bits of info provided via subtitles.

With thanks to the creator...

[Looking back I see i did forget last year! I was, however, living in part of the world without easy internet access, so I think it's a good enough excuse. Anyway, I did remember the year before, back when I'd just started these random postings, and did a little summary of early Who stuff here, so if you're in the mood for re-living that eventful day way back when (can you call it that even if you weren't alive yet first time round?|), then check it out.]

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Is It All Falling Apart?

SEASON 6 REVIEW/DISCUSSION (pre season finalae!)

Time Lords. You sort of wish they were still around really. Yes, they were a bit boring, but they sort of did some useful things - you know, keeping an eye on the laws of time, and, most importantly (from our perspective) keeping Time Lord time-streams in line with each other.

For example, in the ‘classic series’, the Doctor could never cross time lines with another Time Lord – they would always meet in a linear time stream – no bumping into the Master in his earlier regenerations for example, not like this River Song stuff. Say, for example, the Doctor did bump into a younger Master, and killed him, then what would happen to the older Master? I suppose it would explain his obsession to try and kill the Doctor. But surely he would disappear ‘and none of it would have happened’. A classic time-travelling story-telling loop-hole which we know can’t happen – more than a paradox, it’s a flippin’ “I woke up and it was all a dream” joke at our expense.

In the ‘new series’, our latest megalomaniac (hey, I am one – I know one when I see one!) producer, the Moff, has been flying dangerously close to this ‘don’t even go there’ scenario. In fact he’s probably pinned a tail on it and called it name. Yep, it’s more than wibbly-wobbly!

With just a day or so left until the final episode of this season, I’m having a good old think about what we’ve seen so far in an attempt to prepare myself for what is undoubtedly going to make me, and all of you out there, go… ‘What the f…? b.. bu. but he can’t do that!’. Without doubt I'm confused already.

And whilst I’m gonna keep most of my musings to myself, I can’t help but wonder about our lovely Amy and her plastic-fantastic lover. At the beginning of the Impossible Astronaut, we find Amy and Rory in a nice new house, the Doctor having disappeared to play silly buggers all over the place (shouldn’t he be trying to find baby Melody or something?). Invitations arrive and off they go to catch up with the Doctor in the good old’ US of A. But this Doctor is an older Doctor (despite the fact he decided to put one of his ‘younger’ jacket on – perhaps he thought someone might be watching), and he promptly gets himself killed. Then up pops ‘our’ Doctor, or, more to the point, ‘their’ Doctor, and off they go on a new series of adventures.

Now the other week, ‘our/their’ Doctor drops them off at a lovely new home, which they'd never seen before, presumably with the mortgage paid for (lucky buggers), and leaves them to it. Last week he pops into see his old mate what’s-his-name (I’ve tried to block it out of my Whoniverse, as I found it softer for than a gang of adipose), and pinches some envelopes – which he then uses to invite everyone to the little jolly at the beginning of the season.

So… what can we conclude from this? Well, at some point, obviously, ‘our’ doctor becomes the later Doctor, and a couple of hundred Time Lord years have gone by. Great. No problem there. And the Doctor we’re watching now is the ‘older’ one who we saw getting himself blasted at the beginning of the season… which again, I fine. [Although I’m still a bit confused as to how he’s converted the date of his death (in ‘Earth’ terms) with his timeline/age, if you know what I mean, so as to be able to know that its coming up soon… that would require some sort of Time Lord like relative time, which now they’ve all gone and been flushed down the toilet of the universe is a bit tricky…]

But… doesn’t this leave Amy and Rory in a bit of a time-loop, starting off in their lovely new home, catching up with the older, and then younger Doctor, who then, after the usual fun and games, drops them off at their lovely new house which they’ve never seen before…

Something’s wrong somewhere (probably in my head, but I know that), and I doubt the Moff is silly enough to try and pull the wool over our eyes – or perhaps he’s even confused himself? Not only have we been watching fake plastic Rory’s, fake flesh Amy’s, and divergent Doctors, but he’s been weaving a web of time-lines so complicated that it really does make one wish that those oh so boring Time Lords were still here. At least we new what was going on then!

Personally, I think we’re going to be presented with something so convoluted that it won’t answer any of these questions and will just leave an even bigger continuity hole for the Moff to try and dig himself out of next season. And we thought old RTD was making it up as he went along…

Wibbly Wobbly, timey wimey indeed...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's RT cover day...

Eye-patches. No doubt they're cool...

As ever, Combom has all the scanned pages here.

Target Artwork Origins

I was really interested to find this, the blog of Paul Scoones, whose currently putting the final touches to his Who book, 'The Comic Strip Companion 1964-1979' (tip of the hat to Combom once again!). Now I love the early comics, and have a nice collection of scans of many thanks to the online Who scanners and uploaders. And I also dig the artwork, another one of my interets.

So I was pleased to find this cool graphic, illustrating Target artist Chris Achilleos rather direct influences for his first cover, The Daleks.

I'd known about this before, and even mentioned it on this blog way back towards the end of 2009 (here), where I posted:

"The now classic cover illustration was by Chris Achilleos, who has acknowledged the influence of Ron Turner's artwork for The Dalek Chronicles comic published in TV Century 21 (more about that soon!), in particular the two Daleks were modelled from Issue 60 (The Rogue Planet, part 2) and the title graphic from Issue 76 (Legacy of Yesteryear) onwards."

So a bit surprised to find that Paul didn't know about this, or indeed many folk at all. Now unfortuantely I can't even remember where I got this information, but when I find out, I'll update and link on this post. I obviously had more info, as I promised a follow up post on it!). I guess it must have been an old interview with Chris, probably in DW Monthly or some other mag of the period. (Anyway, I'm looking!).

I see nothing wrong in Achilleous being inspired so directly from the comic artwork of Ron Turner, or his strong influences from Frank Bellamy. I think it continues a proud and original style of artwork which became a huge attraction in itself, and a huge part of the early magic of Who for many.

Here's the Day of the Daleks cover, again with Daleks inspired by Ron Turner's artowork.

Thanks Paul for the images, and can't wait for the book...

Spoilers? No thanks

Spoilers. They spoil it a bit don't they? I've gone through phases of both following seasons in production (and obviously finding out all about it) and not knowing a thing (as I'm often in remote parts of the world for long periods without internet!).

This second half of season 6 has been my first 'live' who watching since I don't know when, and I really thought I would have followed its every move online after I'd caught up with the first half. But for some reason I found myself avoiding those blogs that so well document every snippit of information which leaks from the beeb. And I can honestly say it's better without the spoilers. And it's also my excuse for a lack of activity on this blog!

In fact I've watched all of season 6 without access to any prior knowledge, and it's been it's saviour for me. With 99% of the cat out of the bag, and only the season finale to go, I've just done a huge wade through one of my favourite blogs, Combom, to try and catch up with everything, and I really think if I'd known all the spoilers this whole season would have been rather flat and unsatisfactory. As it is there's been some dodgy episodes, as always, and I've got some serious issues with some of these storylines and archs, but I'm gonna sit it out till the end before I comment. Mind you, even reviewing episodes once they've been shown can be spoilery for folk who haven't seen them yet, but then, you shouldn't be reading reviews!

But as ever, I’ve still got loads of catching up to do on what’s been happening in the world of Who that tickles my fancy, so watch out for a few back posts as I slot things into their correct time-streams – Radio Times covers on their date of publication and boring stuff like that.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Reign of Terror DVD Animated Preview

Nearly missed this - there's an advanced preview of the forthcoming Reign of Terror DVD release, with animated sequences replacing the lost episodes (as with The Invaision). Looks pretty damn cool...

It's a dodgy vid of the clip - hopefully we'll get a proper version soon.

Watch it here...

Friday, 23 September 2011

Invasion of the Dinosaurs DVD update

Here's another story which needs doctoring... after the Day of the Daleks 'Special Edition', with new fancy-dancy CGI scenes, some fans have wondered if we would get an updated version of this story... sadly not. Or perhaps not so sadly.

The missing colour version of Episode 1 has been recreated, but not with great success, and the release will include the black and white print as well. But no CGI dinosaurs. Can't say I blame them realy... lot of work for a naff story. I'm hoping the guys are saving the money for more animated recons of missing episodes from classic stories rather than fiddling around with something which, let's be honest, is always going to look a bit poor. If only we could go back in time and swap these tapes for a story worth saving...

Due for release early 2012...

[Thanks Combom]

Monday, 12 September 2011

Day of the Daleks 'Special Edition' DVD release

It's here - 'with new special effects and sounds',the re-jigged SE version of Pertwee's first encounter with the Daleks... (original version is also an option on the DVD, as is standard practice, so you really can throw away your VHS collection...)

Does it do the job? Only you can tell...

Combom's got a great review of whats new here.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Karen, not falling around drunk or anything

Few days ago we posted a nice little quote from the lovely Karen Gillan...

"You’ve got to have your own life and do what you want to do, but it is something I take into consideration and I wouldn’t want to fall around drunk or anything."

Good excuse for this little collection of gems I think...

Now don't get me wrong - I have no problem with Karen, or anyone, go out and getting a bit sloshed. Or walking around hotels semi-naked... but just as long as she scrubs up well for filming the next day, that's all... and generally speaking she does!

A while back we read that Karen called Matt a 'drunken giraffe'... I've been wracking my brain for a similar analogy for the lovely Karen, but have yet to find the right one... any ideas?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Time for another RT cover...

Combom has the page scans, here

Karen says it all

Here's some pics of Karen Gillan from (see original, with more pics, here). Think it's an old interview/photoshoot, just using the new series as a good excuse to show them again, and who can blame them.

The best quote? This one...

"You’ve got to have your own life and do what you want to do, but it is something I take into consideration and I wouldn’t want to fall around drunk or anything."

No you wouldn't, would you Karen.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Matt Smith Interview (Daily Mail)

He's a superstar, dates a supermodel and is on a super salary, here the actor talks about fame, childhood dreams and when he'll say goodbye to the Time Lord

See the interview here .

Here's a little snippet about new Who being too sexy... (it's all Karen's fault)...

When Doctor Who was reborn in 2005 it was said to have saved Saturday teatime telly as a family event – but some parents say it has now become too dark, too scary and too sexy. Does Smith agree?

‘No! I think it’s ridiculous to say so. I think it should be all of those things. I think it should be dark, I think it should be scary. And sexy? I mean, for God’s sake, look at the companions of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker (the third and fourth Doctors) in their tiny, Tarzanian tops…’

We pause for a moment, to consider the attractions of Jo Grant and Leela in the Seventies. Did it screw him up badly as a boy, watching them?

‘Of course not. It will always be family entertainment and it has to adhere to that, but you know, I don’t think it’s gone too far. I mean, how sexy is it?’

Very sexy, some would say.

‘Because of Karen?’

Well, let’s start there. Karen Gillan plays Amy Pond, who spent her first few episodes in a strippergram police outfit with a draughtily short skirt. She has made it clear she’d like to explore more than the Doctor’s Tardis.

‘What do people want Karen to dress in – a floor-length skirt, a pair of jeans and a hoodie? I mean, she’s a beautiful woman. Amy Pond is a sexy character, by her very nature. No one’s quite like Amy.’

Well said Matt.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day of the Daleks SE DVD preview

Combom's got a preview trailer for the forthcoming Day of the Daleks Special Edition DVD, with new special effects and all that... looking forward to this one!

Watch it here.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Who Tube

Some days we discover amazing things. Some days we forget them. And some days we blog. The above comes from 'Science, Reason and Critical Thinking - Waving a Shitty Stick at Irrational Nonsense', and is, I think, explained far better by its original designer than I could ever attempt. Visit here.

I like tube maps. I recently saw that some bright spark developed an updated tube map which showed the realtive distances between stops. Good bit of self-advertising for someone's graphic design talents I thought to myself. If only I could find it now to share with you all. Did a quick Google and all I can find is a load of waffle about pocket maps, zones and some guy called Boris. Who the heck is he?!

PS I think the owner of 'Science, Reason and Critical Thinking - Waving a Shitty Stick at Irrational Nonsense' should get his shitty stick ready, cause there's more irrational nonsense here that you can shake a pointy thing at...

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Timey Wimey Waffle

You may, or more probably may not, have noticed I've a bad habit of back-posting items. Readers of my bits of waffle will know that I spend alot of time out of the country, with limited internet connection, and whilst I'll continue the blog whenever I can, there are going to be big gaps. Now when I'm back, like now, I get to wade through months of blog postings to catch up with stuff, and, as anyone with any basic time travel knowledge knows, it's very important that everything is left in its right place in the time line and all that. So when I find something related to a specific date, I'm back-posting it around that time so that it sits in the time continum correctly. It's mostly New Season stuff like merchanside releases, Radio Times coverage, interviews and the like. In between all this I'll post all the usual padding and waffle which I know you all love so much.

Daleks board the 207 bus without knowing that round the next corner...

Now one danger of doing this is I might say or post something that will make me look like I knew it before anyone else. One such example is a reference to the News of the World hacking scandal, which I've just made in a post about Matt Smith falling over and needing stiches (see '"Drunken giraffe" bangs head, and knocks over coffee, alot' here). Now to any police investigation looking at my blog it may look like I had inside knowledge of such said scandal at a time when no-one else did, and that I may, therefore, be implicated by this knowledge. Well I'm not, and I don't, and I didn't and I never have. So there.

Just to prove this I plan to back-post a whole load of Radio Rimes cuttings from the very early days of Who soon (time is relative, don't forget), and most of these I'm gonna back date to their publication dates, which will be before I was born. Proof, therefore, that either I am a down-right dirty blog back-poster or time-traveller with amazing internet access abilities. Take your pick.

...a troop of cybermen are waiting patentily for their bus. Tune in next week for the next episode of 'Doctor Who and the Bus' a really exciting new/old adventure.

Now you may wonder what all this has to do this the photographs accompanying this post. Well, I had to make it interesting somehow. Perhaps it's a clue that I really am a time traveller and I snapped these on a recent visit back to the past... no, I pinched them from WhoFix!

Note to self: Defence if Police enquire as to knowledge of News of the World hacking scandal...

1. I'm a down right dirty blog back-poster.
2. I'm a time traveller
3. I'm of unsound mental disposition (probably dillusional) and should be left alone to live out my sad and pathetic life in whatever way I want.

The biggest, baddest Doctor Who monster...

Doctor Who BBC Worldwide's biggest-selling TV show internationally
The Guardian
Tuesday 12 July 2011

Along with brands including Top Gear, Lonely Planet and BBC Earth, Dr Who helps commercial arm earn £308m in revenue

Doctor Who was BBC Worldwide's biggest-selling TV show internationally last year and, along with brands including Top Gear, Lonely Planet, the international version of Strictly Come Dancing and BBC Earth, helped earn more than £300m in revenue.

The exploitation of everything from TV programmes to live events, DVDs and magazines for the five BBC power brands raked in £308.1m in revenue for BBC Worldwide, the corporation's commercial arm, in the year to the end of March.

This represented a 12.6% year-on-year revenue increase for the elite group of brands, which will be soon be joined by Walking with Dinosaurs. These brands accounted for 27% of the total £1.16bn revenues BBC Worldwide made last year. BBC Worldwide said that 45% of its total sales now come from just 12 brands.

The top five individual TV series sold internationally by BBC Worldwide in the year to the end of March were Doctor Who series five, the debut series of Sherlock, the 15th and 16th series of Top Gear, and Human Planet.

The Doctor Who franchise made the biggest value leap last year with revenue climbing 49%, thanks to significant growth in the US. BBC Worldwide has seen a 45% increase in DVD and download-to-own sales, with Doctor Who the third-biggest seller in the US iTunes chart behind Mad Men and Glee.

Sales also increased in Europe, moving the revenue mix to 50% from outside the UK. In the previous year 70% of revenues had come from sales of Doctor Who DVDs and merchandise in its home market.


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pond on Pond

No Dalek in sight but no reason why we can't have legs without daleks... what is he on about you wonder. What is he on would be a better question.

Pic from WhoFix, who have a much better caption than my waffle...

Friday, 15 July 2011

Doctor and nurses

Get it? Doctor and nurses? Rather than Doctors and nurses? I mean, who wants to play that! From Who Fix, which is very sadly closing down, after only a year... mmm, not sure if we like that, was a great site and source of old unusual photos, but at least I have nine months of back plundering to do.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Too hot to not...

You all know I have a weakness for the lovely Nicola. Well we had to focus on something during those Colin Baker years.

With thanks from WhoFix. Boy we're gonna miss you guys.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

More Daleks with legs...

Yep, its just another excuse for a pic of Kylie. Do we love Kylie or what. I think it's a different photo to last time, but who cares if it's not.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Friday, 8 July 2011

Princess Amy

I tend to ignore fan based stuff on this blog (OK, with the exception of 'Daleks with legs' and a few other obsessions) and stick to the offical Who stuff, but this one's just too good to ignore...

Image by by Tryblue. Original source here, and the now standard nod to Combom here.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

More Nearly Who

Following our little series of posts a while ack on actors in the running to become new Who's, here's a liitle bit on the favorites to replace Tennant in the new series, before what's his name obviously got the nod.

From July, 1, 2007...

Robert Carlyle Tipped For Next Doctor Who

Trainspotting's Robert Carlyle is set to take over from David Tennant as the TV time traveller Doctor Who.

Fans of the Doctor are speculating that Tennant will quit the cult BBC show before filming of the fifth series begins in 2009.

Bookmaker William Hill is offering 2-1 odds that fellow scott Carlyle will become the 11th Time Lord when The Doctor next regenerates.

Speaking to the Telegraph a spokesman for William Hill said: "We get lots of calls from Dr Who enthusiasts who want to put bets on the next Time Lord. Robert Carlyle is currently the favourite but it changes all the time."

Other hot tips to play the Doctor include Jason Stracham, Alan Davies and James Nesbitt.

Although Tennant has refused to confirm whether he will be quitting his role as the Time Lord, tough guy Carlyle hasn't ruled out stepping into his place. He says, "Would I do it? Possibly."

Sunday, 3 July 2011

More Mad Merchandising

Underground Toys Doctor Who Talking Plush Figures (Source)

July 1st 2011 "Underground Toys is pleased to announce the release of an exciting selection of talking plush products for the worldwide hit TV series, Doctor Who. Underground Toys has captured the characters as talking soft toys for the first time! Series 1 will include Medium TARDIS (with a flashing lamp and sound) and Medium Talking Daleks – they stand approximately 9” tall and ship in branded gift boxes. The cute mini talking plush assortment also includes the Cyberman – they stand 4” tall and have plastic clips on so they can be attached to keys, bags etc! Phrases include the TARDIS Materialisation, “Exterminate, Exterminate!” and many more".

... what more can I say... apart from cheers Combom, once again - I'll try and find some original stuff for the blog soon, promise, but as I'm travelling back through time and catching up with stuff it's all gonna be second-hand for a while... and there's so much to catch up on... including a drunk (and naked!) Karen Gillan lost in a hotel... come on, it's got to be true!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Flogging a dead Dalek

Well, we're back in the home of Who, after nearly a year out of the country, having missed the first half of season 6 and now frantically trying to catch up with what's been going on! As ever, I'll be drawing from the past, pulling from the present and blindly ignoring the future.

Anyway, let's start the ball rolling with our still-yet-to-grow-on-me new Dalek design merchandise, and a mention of Christmas (I know, only half way through the year, so obviously time to start thinking about those xmas pressies... not). I really can't get excited about these new daleks and am treating them like the old film versions - to be ignored. Me, I'm gonna pretend they don't exist... easy to do if you are slightly delusional like me.

From the Evening Standard.

'With six months to go, a £200 sit-in Dalek and an "iPad for toddlers" are set to become this year's must-have Christmas gifts, according to experts at Hamleys.

One of the more expensive toys tipped for Christmas is the £200 Dalek, which children can drive around while it utters classic quotes from Doctor Who's oldest enemy, who threatens to "exterminate" the Time Lord.

"The sit-in Dalek is absolutely superb - the only problem is that it doesn't come in adult sizes," said Mr Wheatley.

"The build-it-yourself sonic screwdriver is also very impressive, and its going to be another big year for Doctor Who."'

What can we read from this? After their very brief appearance last season, perhaps we can expect a re-appearance later this year, or perhaps it's just the BBC licensing guys cashing in... whilst I love collecting old stuff, I must say I hate this capitalistic consumersitic society we'e created... there's just so much stuff! But who knows, these could become the most collectable Who item of all item - we've just got to pray for a factory fire to destroy all the stock, as with the original Dalek palysuits back in the days of Dalekmania.

But it is the stuff aimed at kiddies and which gets buggered up easily which becomes rare, so it might just be a good investment... but if I had £200 quid to my name I can think of 200 things I'd rather spend it on first...

Cheers to Combom for picking this up.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Target reprinted!

Now I'm loving this... target Who novelisations reprinted, by BBC Books (will they do them all? And fill the gaps??) with original cover illustrations by Chris Achilleos and nice shiny Who logo... only thing that's missing is the target logo! If only I had the disposable income I'd buy them all again... which reminds me, I haven't got all my first editions yet...

Source: Combom t

Friday, 10 June 2011

Dr Goo

I'm trying desparately hard not to buy new series merchandise, unless it's on bargin offer, but I've got to get this! The Flesh Goo Poo. Says it all.

Source: Combom

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Radio Times cover

Still chasing my tail trying to fill the gaps in my RT new series collection, and they print more! [Can you imagine me finding this on my return to the UK after like 9 months out of contact with the whoniverse... what the flip is going on I thought to myself... and still am!]

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Reign of Terror DVD to be animated

2|Entertain have confirmed via their @classicdw Twitter feed, that the missing episodes for the upcoming The Reign of Terror DVD release, scheduled for sometime next year, will be animated.

I'm a fan of any attempt to re-present stories with missing episodes, so will follow developments on this, and especially happy as 2|Entertain had previously stated no more animated Who missing epidodes would be made...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Karen Gillan: Obsessive fans, short skirts and life with Doctor Who

Karen Gillan: Obsessive fans, short skirts and life with Doctor Who
Interview by Gerard Gilbert
Saturday, 7 May 2011

The boiled down bits...

Matt Smith has playfully likened his co-star to a praying mantis.

Gillan's audition for the role involved a clandestine visit to BBC Television Centre, where she had to give the receptionist the password "panic moon" ("it's an anagram of companion").

She didn't tell her mother that she'd won the role because her mum is a "proper diehard Whovian. She's got a Tardis money-bag, and Dalek bubble-bath" and might have blabbed.

A happy redhead.

Her main memory of school is of being teased for being a redhead. "I don't know why, though, there are loads of us in Scotland. It's almost a majority," she laughs. "I was teased but it's OK, because I used to like my hair even at that age." In fact, Amy Pond has become something of a role model for young redheads. "I get letters from them – it makes me really happy."

The Pilgrim in Kennington will perhaps one day live up to its name and become a destination for Whovian tour groups, Gillan having worked behind the bar there for a year.

Karen in her pub working days. Or is that a club?

Her innocence in such matters as obsessive fans will eventually wear off, no doubt...

Life in Cardiff sounds almost monastic, even with the odd jaunt such as a recent one to see Arcade Fire in concert (Smith was mobbed apparently, but Gillan left to dance unmolested). "Filming the show becomes your life in a way and I really worry that I don't have anything else to talk about," she says. "Everything's Doctor Who. We don't have a social life or anything, because you just can't, and film the next day.

Karen, presumably snapped in her empty bedsit in Cardiff. Poor, depressed struggling actress needs cheering up. Call...

"I watch stuff on YouTube every night – that's what I do in the hour that we have between filming and looking forward to our houmous and Nairn's oatcakes. That's what Matt and I have in the evenings... it's depressing," she laughs.


Sounds like Karen doesn't watch cooking clips on You Tube. I'm a bit worried about those two living like a pair of pikey students in Cardiff. So worried I might start making my own cooking lesson vids for them and post them on YouTube. If only I could cook. Or had a video camera. Perhaps they should do a 'Come Dine with Me' Who Special and share the cooking amongst them. I bet Rory's an untamed force in the kitchen.

Anyway, glad to hear Karen's not out and about in Cardiff on school nights. Guess she learnt that during her first season.

Oh, and I missed out the bits about her boyfriend - we're gonna carry on pretending he doesn't exist...

Thursday, 5 May 2011

'Drunk giraffe' bangs head... and knocks over coffee (alot)

From Combom, who I've ripped this whole post off (as its so good), with the usual thanks...

Having been called "a drunk giraffe" by Steven Moffat and just plain clumsy by others, Matt Smith is known for frequently tripping up on himself. Early Sunday morning, however, this humourous trait of Matt's led to the actor falling over and splitting his head open.

Matt, 28, had been celebrating with his BBC1 show co-stars on Saturday night after they had finished filming the second part of the programme's current series. Medics patched up the gash with three stitches at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

A Beeb insider said: "Matt tripped over in his flat and sustained a minor head cut. He went to A&E as a precaution. He is very, very clumsy so nobody will be surprised."

The accident failed to dampen Matt's fun though - after treatment he went straight back to his pals to carry on partying.

Another source said: "It looked really painful but Matt didn't seem to care. Luckily they had just finished shooting scenes - if not his bosses would have been fuming because it didn't look too pretty."

Not only has Matt Smith broken his screwdriver multiple times and made a light fall on his head—now he's split open his own skull! "Clumsy" doesn't begin to describe him.

Source credit goes to The Sun (let's hope they didn't hack Matts phone to get the story!).

In fact (continues Combom), one of the best stories about Matt Smith comes from Steven Moffat, who was talking about how scared he was about Matt holding a torch for "The Pandorica Opens".

Look, Matt’s lovely, he’s a magnificent, brand new, hilarious, heartbreaking, heroic Doctor — but the fact is, if that man walks into a room with a coffee then it’s only so long before you’re wearing it. No, really, clumsiest man on earth. He walks like he’s in a constant state of surprise at his own limbs.

I remember when he turned up at a Worldwide meeting really early on, and the first thing he did was spill a cup of coffee over a rather lovely woman. Naturally she giggled, flushed and introduced her mother. (Ahh, life when you’re Matt ! I accidentally made eye contact with the same woman — she phoned the police and shot me in the face.) On the way out he apologised to a completely different woman for the coffee incident. “That was the wrong woman,” I said, as he went out the doors. “Nope,” he replied, “That was the second cup.”

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dr Who for Little People

Just what we like. More damn things to collect. Not that I'll be collecting these, but you know what I mean, one day you'll be rummaging through a box in a car boot sale and you'll find one of these and think to yourself, mmm, is this a worthless freebee given away with Doctor Who Adverntures Magazine or something worth spending 50p on. Only time will tell. As ever. As if it wouldn't.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Goodbye Sarah-Jane

So so sad. Elizabeth Sladen, my first TV girlfriend, has died from cancer aged 63.

I'll put a proper tribute piece up one day soon when I am back up and running online (yes there are parts of the planet which still have unbelievably crap internet connection speeds...), but for now, and perhaps more aptly, read Tom's wonderful tribute, here

Gonna' miss you Sarah Jane...