Sunday, 17 July 2011

Timey Wimey Waffle

You may, or more probably may not, have noticed I've a bad habit of back-posting items. Readers of my bits of waffle will know that I spend alot of time out of the country, with limited internet connection, and whilst I'll continue the blog whenever I can, there are going to be big gaps. Now when I'm back, like now, I get to wade through months of blog postings to catch up with stuff, and, as anyone with any basic time travel knowledge knows, it's very important that everything is left in its right place in the time line and all that. So when I find something related to a specific date, I'm back-posting it around that time so that it sits in the time continum correctly. It's mostly New Season stuff like merchanside releases, Radio Times coverage, interviews and the like. In between all this I'll post all the usual padding and waffle which I know you all love so much.

Daleks board the 207 bus without knowing that round the next corner...

Now one danger of doing this is I might say or post something that will make me look like I knew it before anyone else. One such example is a reference to the News of the World hacking scandal, which I've just made in a post about Matt Smith falling over and needing stiches (see '"Drunken giraffe" bangs head, and knocks over coffee, alot' here). Now to any police investigation looking at my blog it may look like I had inside knowledge of such said scandal at a time when no-one else did, and that I may, therefore, be implicated by this knowledge. Well I'm not, and I don't, and I didn't and I never have. So there.

Just to prove this I plan to back-post a whole load of Radio Rimes cuttings from the very early days of Who soon (time is relative, don't forget), and most of these I'm gonna back date to their publication dates, which will be before I was born. Proof, therefore, that either I am a down-right dirty blog back-poster or time-traveller with amazing internet access abilities. Take your pick.

...a troop of cybermen are waiting patentily for their bus. Tune in next week for the next episode of 'Doctor Who and the Bus' a really exciting new/old adventure.

Now you may wonder what all this has to do this the photographs accompanying this post. Well, I had to make it interesting somehow. Perhaps it's a clue that I really am a time traveller and I snapped these on a recent visit back to the past... no, I pinched them from WhoFix!

Note to self: Defence if Police enquire as to knowledge of News of the World hacking scandal...

1. I'm a down right dirty blog back-poster.
2. I'm a time traveller
3. I'm of unsound mental disposition (probably dillusional) and should be left alone to live out my sad and pathetic life in whatever way I want.

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