Thursday, 5 May 2011

'Drunk giraffe' bangs head... and knocks over coffee (alot)

From Combom, who I've ripped this whole post off (as its so good), with the usual thanks...

Having been called "a drunk giraffe" by Steven Moffat and just plain clumsy by others, Matt Smith is known for frequently tripping up on himself. Early Sunday morning, however, this humourous trait of Matt's led to the actor falling over and splitting his head open.

Matt, 28, had been celebrating with his BBC1 show co-stars on Saturday night after they had finished filming the second part of the programme's current series. Medics patched up the gash with three stitches at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

A Beeb insider said: "Matt tripped over in his flat and sustained a minor head cut. He went to A&E as a precaution. He is very, very clumsy so nobody will be surprised."

The accident failed to dampen Matt's fun though - after treatment he went straight back to his pals to carry on partying.

Another source said: "It looked really painful but Matt didn't seem to care. Luckily they had just finished shooting scenes - if not his bosses would have been fuming because it didn't look too pretty."

Not only has Matt Smith broken his screwdriver multiple times and made a light fall on his head—now he's split open his own skull! "Clumsy" doesn't begin to describe him.

Source credit goes to The Sun (let's hope they didn't hack Matts phone to get the story!).

In fact (continues Combom), one of the best stories about Matt Smith comes from Steven Moffat, who was talking about how scared he was about Matt holding a torch for "The Pandorica Opens".

Look, Matt’s lovely, he’s a magnificent, brand new, hilarious, heartbreaking, heroic Doctor — but the fact is, if that man walks into a room with a coffee then it’s only so long before you’re wearing it. No, really, clumsiest man on earth. He walks like he’s in a constant state of surprise at his own limbs.

I remember when he turned up at a Worldwide meeting really early on, and the first thing he did was spill a cup of coffee over a rather lovely woman. Naturally she giggled, flushed and introduced her mother. (Ahh, life when you’re Matt ! I accidentally made eye contact with the same woman — she phoned the police and shot me in the face.) On the way out he apologised to a completely different woman for the coffee incident. “That was the wrong woman,” I said, as he went out the doors. “Nope,” he replied, “That was the second cup.”

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