Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Spoilers? No thanks

Spoilers. They spoil it a bit don't they? I've gone through phases of both following seasons in production (and obviously finding out all about it) and not knowing a thing (as I'm often in remote parts of the world for long periods without internet!).

This second half of season 6 has been my first 'live' who watching since I don't know when, and I really thought I would have followed its every move online after I'd caught up with the first half. But for some reason I found myself avoiding those blogs that so well document every snippit of information which leaks from the beeb. And I can honestly say it's better without the spoilers. And it's also my excuse for a lack of activity on this blog!

In fact I've watched all of season 6 without access to any prior knowledge, and it's been it's saviour for me. With 99% of the cat out of the bag, and only the season finale to go, I've just done a huge wade through one of my favourite blogs, Combom, to try and catch up with everything, and I really think if I'd known all the spoilers this whole season would have been rather flat and unsatisfactory. As it is there's been some dodgy episodes, as always, and I've got some serious issues with some of these storylines and archs, but I'm gonna sit it out till the end before I comment. Mind you, even reviewing episodes once they've been shown can be spoilery for folk who haven't seen them yet, but then, you shouldn't be reading reviews!

But as ever, I’ve still got loads of catching up to do on what’s been happening in the world of Who that tickles my fancy, so watch out for a few back posts as I slot things into their correct time-streams – Radio Times covers on their date of publication and boring stuff like that.

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