Monday, 8 August 2011

Matt Smith Interview (Daily Mail)

He's a superstar, dates a supermodel and is on a super salary, here the actor talks about fame, childhood dreams and when he'll say goodbye to the Time Lord

See the interview here .

Here's a little snippet about new Who being too sexy... (it's all Karen's fault)...

When Doctor Who was reborn in 2005 it was said to have saved Saturday teatime telly as a family event – but some parents say it has now become too dark, too scary and too sexy. Does Smith agree?

‘No! I think it’s ridiculous to say so. I think it should be all of those things. I think it should be dark, I think it should be scary. And sexy? I mean, for God’s sake, look at the companions of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker (the third and fourth Doctors) in their tiny, Tarzanian tops…’

We pause for a moment, to consider the attractions of Jo Grant and Leela in the Seventies. Did it screw him up badly as a boy, watching them?

‘Of course not. It will always be family entertainment and it has to adhere to that, but you know, I don’t think it’s gone too far. I mean, how sexy is it?’

Very sexy, some would say.

‘Because of Karen?’

Well, let’s start there. Karen Gillan plays Amy Pond, who spent her first few episodes in a strippergram police outfit with a draughtily short skirt. She has made it clear she’d like to explore more than the Doctor’s Tardis.

‘What do people want Karen to dress in – a floor-length skirt, a pair of jeans and a hoodie? I mean, she’s a beautiful woman. Amy Pond is a sexy character, by her very nature. No one’s quite like Amy.’

Well said Matt.

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