Sunday, 2 September 2012

It's the dimples isn't it?

The second part of becoming a new Who companion, after they thrust you into a photo call, wearing whatever you turned up in, against a horrible urban landscape, are the crappy official shots taken with a dummy TARDIS (it's not even the real one!), where again, they photograph you wearing whatever you turned up in...

Yep, this girl is just too damn cute, and I know how she's gone and done it. Dimples. Simples. One day they'll isolate the genes for dimples and all the girls will have them. Until then, well, until then we have Jenna-Louise. Hoarah!

There's a whole load of these, so you'll still have to pop over to the Radio Times site here to check them all (although admitedly many of them look the same!).

[most definitely more coming...]

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