Sunday, 27 December 2009

More of those little ident clips...

Long before Tennant got power crazed and took over everything that is Who, the job of publicity was shared around a bit more. Even the bad guys got a chance.

The daleks (well, dalek influenced '2's) got a special ident for Doctor Who Night (13 Nov 1999), hosted by Tom Baker, and its popularity meant it went on to join the roster of regular idents. A variant on this ident, named Exterminate, has the sequence opening with the Dalek '2' shouting the familiar phrase.

I've gone for a longer intro version, complete with Tom Baker introducing the evenings shows and edits of all the ins and outs. One thing leads to another, as they say, so here's one of those shows, the comedy sketch with Mark Gatiss.

And another, 'How to build a TARDIS', of note for another couple of Delek idents at the beginning and end.

I couldn't find the other shows...

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  1. I wouldn't call David Tennant 'power crazed' just because he did a good job in promoting his episodes. He was a marvellous Doctor and deserves to be remembered as such. If power has gone to anyone's head its surely Stephen Moffat, who has spent the last two years dismantling the legend by trying to rebrand it as a 'fairytale'. Sorry, Moff, but it isn't. Best wishes, Zokko