Friday, 1 January 2010

The End of Time

Hiya, sorry, I've been a bit busy moving half way across the world and stuff... now back in the UK, re-united with my Who collection (although I have no idea where my TARDIS cookie jar has dematerialised too!) and generally grumbling about the snow and ice.

So for the first time in several years I was able to watch Who live on tellie! No waiting for international download versions or frustrations with broken internet connections... and my how nice it was too.

Generally speaking I was ready for The End of Tennant... as well as Davies. I love them both, and what they have done for Who, but for me it was definately time for a change, and I'm really looking forward to the New Series.

But an excellent two part story with some great moments... Simms must have revelled in the opportunity to create such an unstable and manic Master, if not in stuffing his face with all those burgers. Big thumbs up to one and all.

I'm still a bit confused as to why the Doctor jumped out of an alien spaceship and crashed through the roof before going splat on the floor... did he think he would bounce or something? But anyway, we are used to brushing over such minor details these days. And was Dalton really playing Rassilon? Perhaps some explanation needed there if he was. At whilst we're at it, how did the Master get resurrected with super-powers? Not even a hint of an explanation? Please? However I am sure that all these minor points of detail were detailed in full in the script, but just couldn't be fitted into the show, and I am therefore waiting for the novelisation to explain all. By the way, why is it we don't have any novelisations of New Series Who episodes? Has the Beeb forgetten to flog the rights to these?

There is an excellent detailed review of the 'loose ends' surrounding the story here, as recommended by the one and only combom.

For my money, I like the idea that the 'Woman in White' was the Doctor's mum, but also equally that it's Romana or Susan...(which I hadn't even thought of) so long as the White Guardian is the one pulling the strings behind everything!

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  1. 'The End Of Time' rounded off the Tennant era in magnificent style. The climax to Part 1 - with everyone on Earth changed to look like the Master - was awesome! There were loose threads, yes, but nowhere near as many as the recent 'The Wedding Of River Song' ( surely the worst season finale ever? ). Smith should count himself lucky if he gets such a strong send-off. Best wishes, Zokko