Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Peri, as in hot!

It was only a matter of time... No excuses, this is the beginning of a little series posts honouring some of the wonderful lead female actresses that have graced the show in the form of the Doctor's companions. As always, I'll try to find unusual photos which may not be so well known outside Who circles. I should stress that there is no particular order to which I shall post this series (honestly!).

Nicola Bryant portrayed American college student Peri (Perpugilliam) Brown from the beginning of Planet of Fire (1984) through the end of Mindwarp (1986).

So without further ado, I present Ms Nicola Bryant, who played the never to be forgotten Peri alongside the fifth and sixth Doctors. Poor girl had a rough ride however, and no sooner had she made firends with the 5th Doctor, he regenerated into the 6th Doctor, and one wonders why such a lovely girl hung around such a self indulgent character. Anyway, handicapped by an American accent (who's idea was that? Don't tell me... JNT?) which drifted across various regions of the State, poor Nicola didnt really get a chance to show her true talents, and ended up being killed off in Mindwarp (Trail of a Time Lord), only to be brought back to life and married off to some big hairy guy she'd just met in a last minute plot twist. I don't believe it, and like to think he kidnapped her and keeps her tied up for his personal pleasure in his dungeon. I mean, I just can't imagine her doing that of her own free will! (Good o,ld Brian Blessed, who played 'the big hairy guy' should have won and a life-time's supply of ham for his over acting.) Perhaps I should write a companion's story for Big Finish... (or is there one already??)

I don't know how I've managed avoided posting any classic shots of Peri, for example in her bikini (in her first story, Planet of Fire). It was quite an intro for our new girl, clips of which are suitably represented on You Tube! Oh go on then, under pressure...

[Photocredit shillpages]

Nicola has her own offical website which you can visit here.

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