Saturday, 18 December 2010

Let it snow (or not)

First off, apologies for the long absence of fresh material on this blog - no it's not dead, just sleeping! Secondly, thanks to everyone still browsing through... glad you are still finding stuff to interest you here. Don't expect a wave of new postings anytime soon - I'm still in a dark and distant corner of this planet where a good internet connection is about as rare as a Loch Ness Monster sighting (yes, there are still places where one can escape from the curse of technology, and boy do I like it).

I've just waded through about two months of Who blog postings to catch up on Who news... and whilst I don't usually pay much attention to pre-season spoilers and speculation (there's a reason why they're called 'spoilers'!), there was one little titbit that caught my eyes (yes, very blue aren't they?). Rumour has it that the War Chief (that's me that is) may be making a reappearance in Season 6.... whilst I can't confirm or deny this (not much point in me doing either, as perhaps it happens in my future and I don't yet know about it either), those of you who have been wondering if I've been busy trying to get Karen Gillan to hop into my SIDRAT will be dissapointed to know that I've just been faffing around in a tropical paradise... (and no, I don't feel sorry for you snow bound folk stuck in the UK - we all have choices in life, and staying on a crowded, muddy, and sometimes snowy, island is just a no brainer as far as I'm concerned).

Anyway, just though I should pop in and explain my absence, and show off a nice pic of my rather magnificently evil tash and sidies. Ah, those were the days. [Pic coloured by, and stolen from, TheSkaroRevenger, here]


  1. they are stolen from me, id like it if next time you would ask and link it too where you get them from, not just say you stole them

  2. Hey SkaroRevenger, sorry, only just seen your comment. I always try and link to the original source, and my use of the word 'stolen' is to acknowledge that you are the originator of this coloured image. I love the coloured images that you and others have produced, and am merely trying to highlight your work and site. Regards, M