Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Monster ruminations

The other day we looked at the (usual) pre-season rumours of returning monsters. We've been promised a couple of classic who monsters from the 60s and 70s, and as season 7 goes into production shortly, and in the absence of any solid info, we may as well waffle on a bit about stuff. I tend to avoid all the speculation and spoilers which do the rounds as the show starts filming and reports start accumulating on stories and scripts, but there's no harm in a bit of rumour rumination.

As we said, strories of Yeti have been doing the rounds, and whilst I'd welcome the Great Intelligence returning, I think the Yeti themselves are past their use-by date.

My personal favourites to return would be the Ice Warriors, but again their backstory is weak (like the cybermen they may need reinventing), and like the Silurians their name is somewhat problematic. Ice Warriors are called Ice Warriors because we first encountered them frozen in a lump if ice. It's not like thus is one if their favourite places to chillout. And whilst everybody loves a good old Ice Warrior, we like bad, untrust worthy ones even better. But the biggest problem for me is we've just had humanoid reptilian type monsters returning with the Silurians, so I doubt we'll get the Warriors just yet, or the Draconians, which is another monster race deserving of a revist, although their unfashionable future space opera type scenario makes these guys even more unlikely to reappear any time soon. And they're green.

That's where I think Zygon's get the nod. At least they're orange, which would compliment Silurian and (in time) 'Ice Warrior' green when we get a great big monster mash-up which will now doubt be next year (and I think maybe the end of Moff and Smith). Again I see a draw back in the limited plot options with the ugly orange buggers - they're just suckers for an alien invasion of Earth story, duplicates and all, and not much else. But that didn't stop the Nestine/Autons returning, and they suffer from the same problem (as if being specifically evolved to invade Earth during the age of plastic, as we may as well call it).

The BBC website has recently reintroduced the Rutans, and as we've already got the Sontarians, so their epic war is an area of classic Who which really could be explored. Perhaps a god season finalae? I think they should be blue though, not green. Or perhaps orange. And blue. Perhaps they should change colour with their mood like squid and octopusses, that would be cool.

And I did wonder about the spiders... I love that idea if them being on your back, an idea already recycled with Donna and those beetle things. Lots of potential there, and scary stuff. I must admit I dislike spiders myself, dispite being a bit of an ecologist and general wildlife lover, but last year got bitten by poisonous spiders (twice!) whilst out in Africa. Now my irrational fear has been intensified and I can't even look at a picture of the horrible eight legged creepy-crawly things without getting the fear. They must die. All of them. And given the Moff treatment they could really be scary. We like scary. And we love really scary. All good stuff to terrorise a new companion with...


  1. What 'Dr.Who' badly needs right now are good, strong stories, not just ideas thrown randomly together ( take note, Mr.Moffatt! ). Returning monsters won't be of any use if the story's bad, as Chris Chibnall's 'Silurian' two-parter from Season 5 proved. Best wishes, Zokko

    1. Agreed! It's so disappointing when returning monsters get their reputations destroyed by crappy stories. Cheers for following!