Monday, 16 November 2009

Of Goldfish and Other Things

I have a very bad memory. It may be due to the delusional split personalities, or the drugs (both natural and perscribed, and which may, or may not, be a result of, or perhaps even the cause of, the delusional split personalities in the first place, but that´s a whole chicken and egg debate we´ll save for another day).

It´s often said that goldfish only have three second memories, but I recently read something which suggested they have better memories than previously suspected (story here). I have always subscribed to goldfish having quite good memories, as my pet goldfish used to always recognise me as the source of their food, as opposed to other members of my family. Or at least I thought they did.

Anyway... in order to assist my failing recollections, I´m going to use this blog to post things which to help me remember... so links to interesting bits and bobs on other people´s blogs etc, and assorted other stuff, more often than not with a Who element to it. I don´t intend to try and produce a blog which will give you useful information on anything in particular, but rather random ramblings through which, hopefully, we´ll all gain a small insight about something or other (most probably my deteriorating grip on reality).

Whilst on the subject of goldfish, I ought to make another confession. A few years back a picked up a second-hand fishtank and associated equipment, including a nice little water heating thing. So I decided to give a home to some fish and look after their every need. During a cold winter, I thought I´d help my little friends out by warming their water just a tad - I´m a caring sort of guy once you get past all the misunderstood megalomania. After setting up the heater and thermometer, I left my chums to enjoy their day. Now I knew this damn heater thing didn´t work properly. I just forgot (like I said, bad memory!). Several hours later I returned to find a strange bubbling noise comming from my fishtank. Yep, you´ve guessed it... I´d succeeded in boiling my little friends to death.

So I dedicate this post to my poor little friends, and tell this tale in the hope that none of you make the same mistake. We live and learn, unless of course we die in the process.

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