Monday, 16 November 2009

The Waters of Mars

I suppose I have to post something on the most recent Who episode, The Waters of Mars, so here it is. I´ll refrain from posting a summary of the story, or my views on it, as I´m sure you don´t really care.

Like most megalomanics, I´m an exile from my own people, so couldn´t watch it on the BBC... in fact I´ve only seen one "live" episode of the new Who (Doomsday part II). Instead I have to rely on downloading or viewing on the net. Obviously, when I reach my full potential as an all powerful megalo´ I´ll buy all the episodes on DVD (well, actually I intend to buy the BBC, but anyway), so until then I´m an illegal downloader.

And boy, does it suck. It´s either a case of waiting hours to download the whole file through a bit-torrent, or watching on a YouTube type site... which resets every time the connection fails (Oh, yeah, I´m a wi-fi piggy-backer, so that happens a lot!).

On top of this, I have a love hate relationship with technology... there´s something about these damn machines that sense my frustaition and impatience. The more stressed I get, the more they decide to play with my mind and not do what I want them too. It´s a conspiracy of technology, and proof that artifical intelligence is already here (as with the goldfish, I believe man consistantly under-estimates the intelligence of non-human life forms!). So my viewing of Mars yesterday was a classic case of failed connections, reset downloads and having to watch the whole thing from the beginning about four times before I got to the end... which was the best bit, to be honest.

If only the Beeb would let us use iPlayer outside of the UK and watch on their official site then they would have better hits, viewing figures and happy whovians. But as we don´t pay their lovely license fee that´s just not allowed!

There are many, many sites and blogs following the new Who series, posting links to downloads and sites where you can view the show, but for my money (or lack of), I have to give a bow to "Life, Doctor Who & Combom", a great blog which posts everything and anything who related. So instead of repeating a whole load of stuff here, let me guide you there. But be warned, there´s also a fair number of "spoilers" in the form of new season info...

Hats off to you Combom, you´ve saved what´s left of my sanity over the last few months as we´ve waited for this latest episode!

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