Thursday, 20 May 2010

Amy's Choice

This one didn't do it for me. Despite the huge potential of the 'dream' versus reality storyline, not enough happened. The 'choice' didn't feel right - shouldn't we have had two futures to choose from, instead of one future and a trapped-in-the-Tardis present? It was kind of obvious that the future was the dream, and the double dream twist was too late to save the episode.

I was hoping for something between The Celestial Toymaker and The Mind Robber, two black and white classic Who tales. Perhaps with a nod to Edge of Destruction. But I was left with a bit of a twin dilemma. I didn't really care what happened as the episode unfolded, and I ended up disliking the Dream Lord almost as much as I do Graham Norton. There was not enough menace or power in the performance. He should have been someone like 'Q' in Star Trek TNG, all knowing and all powerful, not some annoying little man.

Rory's death was nicely done, but shame it wasn't for real! Now that would have given the episode a much needed edge.

Obviously a case of not enough psychic pollen. That's two episodes in a row not worth remembering! 5/10

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