Sunday, 2 May 2010

Flesh and Stone

I thought this was a magnificent episode, the first 15 minutes set the pace and the story managed to deliver wave after wave of suspense, surprise and ultimately, almost sit-com, but all of it working to produce a simple yet stunning episode. Loved it, for me the best of the season so far, so 9/10, and on a par with of my favourite classic Who.

Any doubts I had over Smith and his Doctor have truely been brushed aside with his manic upredictable Doctor - and even more encouraging to think these episodes were the first they recorded.

And we have the development of the season story arc into a much more significant element within the season, rather than just a build up of hints towards and end finale, although we are getting loads of those as well!

That duck pond with no ducks... the cyberking in Victorian London (a reference to The Next Doctor) and Amy not remembering Daleks... time can be re-written... mmm, one way to wipe the slate clean of all the RTD baggage and loose ends! What's Moffatt gonna do next... kill the Doctor?! Why ever not.

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