Monday, 10 May 2010

Vampires Of Venice

After last weeks thrills, I guess a lighter episode was needed, and here it was. A bit too light for my liking, with the whole thing lacking a sense of gravity, although still very entertaining.

It did what it did well and there were some strong elements, including nice direction and production, even if the whole ending was a bit naff. And nice dialogue and character building between our travelling regulars, who now number three with Rory joining the team.

Loved the girl 'vampires', of course, but felt they could have been more menacing. And obviously they should have got more screen time! The whole vampire thing was laughed off by the Doctor and Amy. Rory's comedic role, while well played, just added to the lack of drama, although I think I'm gonna like the guy.

The villainess Rosanna Calvierri was beautifully played, with some nice scenes between her and the Doctor, although yet again we have a race knowing of the Time Lords and their history. We get a nod to the Time War, and the Doctors role in it, which all feels a bit old hat now, unless it has some relevance to this current season arch, which is developing nicely.

It was great to see the first Doctor on the library card (or was it the psychic paper showing us that?). I'm actually hoping it's the last time we see the psychic paper - it's bad writing if they can't come up with something better to involve the Doctor with the characters of the story.

And didn't the story leave 10,000 unseen aliens living under the waters of Venice? Perhaps we best just forget about them, just like I'll probably forget about this episode. An average 7/10.

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