Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Hungry Earth

Now I like the Silurians. Their original Pertwee story is, I think, a bit of a classic, and despite their later appearance in Warriors of the Deep, which was a bit pants, they stand as worthy of a return, even within the limitations of a plotline involving them. And I recently listened to them in their Big Finish audio outing, Bloodtide, which is definately worth a try if you haven't heard it already.

And so events of the Hungry Earth unfolded in a familiar if not completely predictable manner. The episode had a nice familiar 'classic Who' feel, even if it did take a bit too long to get going and before we had a proper look at our new Silurians.

I liked their reinvention, although was really disappointed not to get even an attempt at a Silurian vocalisation. Ssurely there sshould have been ssome hisssing or ssomething? I think the original Silurian voices were a huge part of their success. I did spend a second our two wondering if female Silurians would have boobs, but gave them the benefit of the doubt. But I spent more time wondering why they've dropped the third eye - an integral part of being a Silurian I would have thought.

I'm certainly not convinced by the alternative name of Homo reptillia. Now most of us know that the Silurians are named from a geological period in the earth's history, when, unfortunately, there were no reptiles, so not much chance of Silurians. However I'd rather put up with this and have a cool name, than make up some crap name which has even less going for it. Homo reptillia suggests the scientific Latin name for a man (or ape) like species which has evolved reptilian characteristics, being of the Hominid family, rather than a reptile humanoid. Stick with Silurian I say, and lets blame gaps in the fossil record (the same gaps which hide all evidence of the their civilisation).

The one big question hanging over the episode is Amy and Rory seeing themselves... now there's got to be more to that than meets the eye.

All in all, I'll give it 8/10, in the hope of a nine next week.

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