Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Be my... Doctor Who Girl

Here's a video montage made to Mitch Benn's 'Doctor Who Girl'...

And the words...

Doctor Who Girl

Everything I need to know, I learned from watching my TV,
But I'm afraid that it has had a serious effect on me.
My head's stuck in the seventies,
I can't be fashionable or hip,
And it has influenced what I look for
In all of my relationships.

Can't handle independent women with their modern ways,
I need a woman like the ones I saw on Saturdays.

Be my Doctor Who girl,
With a trusting face,
Patient and understanding
As I drag you through time and space.
My beautiful assistant,
To flash your eyes and toss your curls,
And tell me that I'm brilliant,
Be my Doctor Who girl.

Saturday afternoon - what excitement, what a rush,
Between the end of Final Score and the start of Basil Brush.
I loved the show, I loved the tune,
I loved the scarf, I loved the hat,
I loved the girls, I told myself
One day I'd have a girl like that.
Behind my sofa there's a special place that we can hide;
You'll find my love is bigger on the inside than the outside.

Be my Doctor Who girl,
We'll make a real good team,
I'll do all the thinking,
You'll look good in shorts and scream.
Give me someone to rescue,
Get changed and give us all a twirl,
Keep quiet and never argue,
Be my Doctor Who girl.

Be my Doctor Who girl,
Follow me a lot,
Ask me heaps of questions,
So I can explain the plot.
Say you'll stand beside me,
Say you'll help me save the world,
Fall and twist your ankle,
Be my Doctor Who girl.

Apparently Mitch Benn is Britain's premier musical comedy satirist. I'd never heard of him (but then I have been living on the dark side of the moon for the last ten years). He's released several albums, although I'm not sure which one this is on. Check his wikipedia page here

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