Monday, 11 October 2010

Sara Kindom

Of more worthy attention from the Dalektricity blog are some scans of articles from early Doctor Who Weekly pages, and some Monthly scans, such as this interview with Jean Marsh who played Sara Kingdom in The Daleks Masterplan. Find it here. There's also the text and some images from The Outlaw Planet, a Sara Kingdom story from the 1960s The Dalek Outer-Space Book - here, as well as notes on Terry Nations 'Lost Dalek series' The Destroyers, which was to again feature Sara Kingdom, here. [It is the pilot for this which is due to be released on audio by Big Finish as part of the Second Doctor Lost Stories (see here)]

And there's a Terry Nation Article from Doctor Who Magazine #252 (1997), here, and an interesting piece on Mission to the Unknown here.

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