Friday, 15 October 2010

Nearly Who (Part 3)

Peter Davison was always producer John Nathan-Turner's first choice to replace Tom Baker. However, he also considered actors Iain Cuthbertson, who had previously guest starred in the 1978 serial 'The Ribos Operation'. This picture shows Cuthbertson as John Sutherland from the BBC series 'Sutherland's Law' (1973).

Richard Griffiths was also shortlisted to play the Fifth Doctor Who (and was a favourite to replace Sylvester McCoy in 1990, until the series was cancelled). He's pictured here as Henry Jay from the BBC drama 'Bird of Prey' (1981).

In 1987, Ken Campbell was approached to replace Colin Baker as Doctor Who. The part ultimately went to Sylvester McCoy, who had been discovered by Campbell in the early 1970s. Campbell is shown here in the 1978 UK crime series 'Law and Order' (not connected to the later series of the same name).

Dermot Crowley also auditioned for the part of the Seventh Doctor, having previously played a small role in the 1983 'Star Wars' film 'Return of the Jedi'. In this picture, he plays Dr Galton in the 1997 thriller 'Breakout'.

When Colin Baker was suddenly and reluctantly removed as the sixth Doctor Who, producer John Nathan-Turner wanted comic performer Sylvester McCoy as his successor, but he also screen-tested other actors, including Chris Jury (left), who had already found fame as the sidekick of Ian McShane (right) in 'Lovejoy' (1990).

Pictures and text from the Beeb's Changing Face of Doctor Who, here.

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