Tuesday, 12 October 2010

War of the Daleks

About time we did this one - the 1975 board game, War of the Daleks, produced by Strawberry Fayre.

War of the Daleks is a kind of sci-fi Space-Ludo with Daleks - the game involves moving card figures around a circular playing area aiming to get to the 'control center' whilst avoiding the Daleks. The Daleks themselves are faithful plastic renditions about three quarters of an inch tall, inserted into concentric slots cut into the board. When the pale blue control centre hub in the middle of the board is rotated, the card disc underpinning these concentric slots also rotate, causing the Daleks to move around the board and 'capture' hapless players.

If a player makes it to the central hub, they have a chance to destroy the control centre by lifting it up. Doing so reveals four panels one of which depicts the 'King Dalek'. If he's next to you he exterminates you and you start again!

The Daleks (four red & silver and four blue & gold) stand around 5cm high and have revolving domes.

See here for some more pictures.

And here's the TV advert - well, sort of. Here's the sound to the TV advert with reconstructed images. Yep, that's right, a reconstructed Who toy advert. Watch it on YouTube here (for some reason they've disabled embedding, so I can't show it here).

There's quite a few of these around, on ebay and the like, usually for between 50 to 100 quid, but there's one on ebay at the moment for 150!


  1. Wow... I so want this.

  2. I used to have this game. It was a lot of fun. There was a television advert, featuring a voice-over by a bloke struggling to imitate a Dalek. He sounded more like Benny Hill's 'Mr.Chow Minn' character! Best wishes, Zokko

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