Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Changing Face of Who

A new archive of early classic Who documents is published online today by the BBC, including internal memos on the first regeneration. The documents have resurfaced following research for this weeks Radio Times, which features a Dalek cover and articles (more about that in my next post...)

The Doctor's transformation was meant to convey the "hell and dank horror" of the hallucinogenic drug, according to papers published on the BBC Archive.

In an internal memo dating from 1966, producers outlined how the original Doctor, William Hartnell, would be transformed for his successor Patrick Troughton.

"The metaphysical change... is a horrifying experience - an experience in which he relives some of the most unendurable moments of his long life, including the galactic war," it said.

"It is as if he has had the LSD drug and instead of experiencing the kicks, he has the hell and dank horror which can be its effect," the memo added.

The archive is padded out with old Radio Times cuttings, but includes other interesting internal documents such as audience research reports for new Doctors and internal memo's detailing new characters for Pertwee's second season (Jo and the Master).

View the archive here. BBC News have picked up on the story here.

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