Friday, 23 April 2010

Free Who BBC audio CDs

From this Saturday, April 24, claim free Doctor Who stories on CD, with The Daily Telegraph.

A brand new, exclusive story - The Runaway Train - read by new Doctor, Matt Smith. The Runaway Train also features his companion, Amy Pond.

Then inside The Sunday Telegraph - Part One of Pest Control, a thrilling story read by David Tennant and featuring the Doctor's companion, Donna Noble.

From Monday, April 26, you can claim a further five free CDs at WHSmith using a voucher printed each day in The Daily Telegraph - take each day's voucher to your nearest high street WHSmith to claim.

Saturday, April 24 - The Runaway Train - An original story, read by Matt Smith.

Arriving on Earth in the midst of the American Civil War, the Doctor and Amy must get a posse together to help them retrieve an alien artefact. The duo are chased across the Wild West by the alien race, their only hope of escape catching the 3.25 to Arizona.

Sunday, April 25 - Pest Control - Part One. An original BBC audiobooks story, read by David Tennant.

Monday, April 26 - Pest Control - Part Two. An original BBC audiobooks story, read by David Tennant.

Tuesday, April 27 - Slipback - Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Valentine Dyall star in this BBC Radio 4 adventure from 1985.

Wednesday, April 28 - Exploration Earth - Tom Baker and Sarah Jane Smith star in this special BBC School Radio episode from 1976.

Thursday, April 29 - Geneisis of the Daleks - Tom Baker narrates an abridged audio version of the 1975 television adventure.

Friday, April 30 - Mission on the Unknown - The soundtrack to a Doctor Who adventure from 1965, but which famously does not feature the Doctor himself, with linking narration by Peter Purves.

Whilst the new story, featuring Matt Smith, is obviously welcomed, you have to wonder why they are giving away stories like 'Slipback', and the odd 'Exploration Earth'. Is the idea to put people off buying audio dramas? Why don't they give away some good stories instead of these left-over oddities?

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