Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The original Dalek tea time

Now that last post and photo of Dalek family having tea stirred a memory, so a quick dig around and what do we have... a proper Dalek tea party with the original Doctor!

This is again from the RT, this one dating from Christmans 1964. Now I usually go to one of my fav linked sites, The Cuttings Archive, to get this sort of info, but the site HAS GONE! I'm hoping its only temporary, as it was a wonderful archive of early who RT stuff, and I can't stand to think of it gone! I should have donwloaded everything!!

So if I remember rightly, this was some little girl who won a RT comeptition and got to go and have tea with Dr Who and a couple of daleks. Wow. I'd kill to be able to have done that. Or maybe it was taken for a fictional story of a girl visiting the BBC and having tea with some daleks. I definately remember something about a fictional story... damn, something else to look up...

EDIT: 19/04/10 - I've found another little clipping relating to this, the article was called 'Alice In Wonderland' - a "fantastic journey into the world of television".

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