Saturday, 17 April 2010

Take a break...

If you're not a fan of Jammie Dodgers (like me) then go for a Kit-Kat! I find they go very well with a nice cup of tea.

A 2001 advertising campaign for KitKat, featuring Daleks chasing people saying, in the standard Dalek tones, "We love you!" and "Give us a cuddle!", while the final shot had Daleks following a group of Hare Krishna devotees, chanting "Peace and love!".

Wikipedia states that the Daleks' use in this advert was brought to an end by the estate of Terry Nation, who had not been aware of the usage. The advertising agency had mistakenly believed that the creatures were in the public domain.

However the excellent DalekLinks site states that it was endorsed by both the BBC and the estate of Terry Nation...

The Daleks used are 'fan-made' rather than Beeb props.

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