Tuesday, 13 April 2010

De ja vu Daleks on RT cover

This week's Radio Times celebrates the Daleks, with a cover recreating the 2005 cover (which in itself was a recreation of a 1966 RT photoshoot and cover!). There are three different colour versions available, red, blue and yellow (representing our three main political parties) all with the slogan 'Vote Dalek!' a reference to our forthcoming elections. If only we could, I'd be tempted - it would make a change from the androids we have as MPs.

The Radio Times website has covers and photos here. Combom has scans of the articles here

And here's the double page scan from 2005 - with the 1966 black and white photo insert, again with 'Vote Dalek!'.

And yes, we have new style Daleks, but so far those seen in the clips for Victory of the Daleks have been the usual style to date for the New Series...

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