Saturday, 24 April 2010

Time of Angels

OK, I've had to watch this twice as on first impression it didn't quite get me. But second time round, and ignoring the Bishop character, oh, and the religous references, it felt much better.

Second time round I forced myself to watch the scenes as Song is picked up by the TARDIS - on first viewing I cringed and had to look away as floating in space scenarios always burst the disbelief bubble for me (think fifth Doctor 'Enlightenment' and bouncing cricket balls). And what were those opening scenes? All a bit unecessary when what we really needed was a bit more background to the gravity of Song's predicament and that results in her taking such a risky plan of action as jumping off a space ship in the hope of hitching a lift.

We get good screentime inside the new TARDIS, which still looks a bit clumsy to me, but then I was a fan of Davies 'organic' TARDIS interior. Moffatt's mechanical version still has to grow on me. But I loved the scenes with Song taking control of the TARDIS and landing her, very nicely done, and couldn't help but feel the foundations of the season finale are being set with much of this episode, which is obviously set in Song's recent past, and the Doctor's not too distant future - so she's met Amy before as well. And obviously Song has some secrets.

I've got to say I loved the regenerating angels, all decayed and distorted. I didn't really like the original angels that much - a bit to plastic - but these evolving forms were really well done. And good to see them develping the angels story and their behaviour, as they were a bit one dimensional in their first outing.

And the direction and filming was good, especially considering so much of it was filmed on location and underground.

I think I'll save the rest of my musings for next week and after epsiode two, but a solid 7/10 (or perhaps seven and a half) on first (or second) impressions.

As ever there's some odd little design and graphic artwork pieces on the Beeb website, some of which I'm guessing relate to gadgets and stuff for next week...

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