Saturday, 10 April 2010

Political Who 2

A couple of months agos Who made the national news with revelaions of the hidden agenda in its late 1980's incarnation - to bring down the then current Tory government no less.

Now new Who is in on the act, with tonight's episode to feature a message blasting the Conservatives.

A livid Doctor says: "Once every five years everyone chooses to forget what they have learned. That's democracy."

A source said: "This almost echoes what Labour has been saying about how people should not forget what they learned in the 80s. They think the Tories will drag the country down again and it looks like the Doctor feels the same."

The show's new star, Matt Smith, has declined to reveal who he will be voting for but executive producer Steven Moffat said this month: "I hope the Tories don't win."

I say we need to overthrow the system, not just the government!


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